Our Story


Unique Experiences

Cocktail Curations produces technically crafted cocktail bases, cocktail bars and experiences for all of your special event and home beverage needs. The founders possess mastery in mixology, culinary arts, spirit distillation and events, and work tirelessly to bring this expertise to you. Cocktail Curations is a flavor lab crafting perfectly balanced beverages with sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami giving you a flawless drink, with or without alcohol.

Cocktail Curations Experiential Bars Events

Accomplished Team

Cocktail Curations was brought to life by two successful women with over 20 years of award-winning expertise in food, beverage, and hospitality. Owners Thy Parra and Nicole Hassoun, together with their professionally trained staff, take pride in sharing their knowledge and passion through technically crafted cocktails and experiences.

Cocktail Curation Owners Thy Parra Nicole Hassoun

Applied Sustainability

Cocktail Curations strives to be a sustainable zero-waste company. We use fruits and vegetables pith to peel, juicing fresh fruits to create our mixes, using the pith to make our bitters, and utilizing the peel to create our beautiful Botanical Waters. Our edible garnishes are created to enhance the cocktails beyond taste by heightening the sense of sight and smell. The unused products from our events have a second life to create other amazing products like our tonics and botanical waters. Our setup for events is focused on sustainability, reusing containers and avoiding single-use plastic as much as possible. We believe that taking care of the earth should be ingrained in everything a company does, working toward keeping our home beautiful for future generations.